@each in Laravel Blade

October 11, 2013

This is a cute (currently undocumented) Blade directive in Laravel 4. It makes it easy to render a view for each item in a collection.

public function renderEach($view, $data, $iterator, $empty = 'raw|') {}

See the full function [in the API](http://laravel.com/api/source-class-Illuminate.View.Environment.html#177-219)

In practice, say we were looping through a list of users:

@each('users._item', $users, 'user', 'users.no-users');


The first parameter is the view template you want to use for each item in the collection.


The second is the collection itself.


The third is the name you want to call in the individual item when it is passed to the view partial.


The fourth is what will be displayed if the collection is empty. You can either pass a view template, which will be shown only once, or any text prepended with raw| will be displayed as is.

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