Assert view template used in Laravel 4

April 28, 2014

Some of the controllers in a project I work on return different view templates depending on certain requirements. For example, the search() method returns View::make('posts.search') if no input is provided, but View::make('posts.results') if a query string parameter is passed for the purpose of testing. However, there is no built-in function for asserting which view template is rendered when writing your functional tests. Here is a handy function you can pop into your TestCase class to allow you to ensure the correct view template is being rendered when you need.

 * Tests to see whether the view template provided is the one
 * used in rendering the view.
 * @param  string
 * @return void
protected function assertViewIs($templateName)
    return $this->assertEquals($templateName, $this->client->getResponse()->original->getName());

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