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Bad action descriptor in Stimulus

This blog post was originally published a little while ago. Please consider that it may no longer be relevant or even accurate.

Ran into a slight issue today while trying to hook up an action with Stimulus, the new JavaScript framework from the people that make Basecamp.

Error parsing descriptor string "toggleable#click" for element

Error: Bad action descriptor "toggleable#click": this.defaultEventNames[element.tagName.toLowerCase(...)] is not a function

I don't think the error message makes it particularly clear what's going on here - but it's related to how Stimulus infers the event you want. Effectively, I've been using the shorthand notation for hooking up actions - that is to say if you leave off the event name it will automatically be inferred by the element type.

Taking a look at the ActionDescriptor we can see that the default event types are pretty simple - click for a link or a button, change for any input and submit for any form or submit button.

I ran into my issue because the element I had placed my action on was none of these elements - it was simply a div. Because of this Stimulus could not infer the event type and threw the error. In order to get this to work I simply needed to be more explicit (or convert by div to an a tag instead, though I was not able to do that in this instance for other reasons).

<div data-action="click->toggleable#click">
<amazing-content />

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