Bootstrap 3 pagination in Laravel 4

August 09, 2013

There is a little markup change in the way that pagination works between Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3. At the moment (I assume while Bootstrap 3 is still in the release candidate state) the default Laravel markup for pagination supports Bootstrap 2. However, if your project is living life on the edge, it's a pretty simple upgrade.

First, copy the default pagination view from the framework. It's located in vendor/laravel/framework/Illuminate/Pagination/views/slider.php. Then pop your copy into your app/views folder (or in a subfolder, _partials folder if you like). I tend to keep the same file name just for the sake of it.

Then, replace the old Bootstrap 2 markup:

<div class="pagination">
	    <?php echo $presenter->render(); ?>

With the brand-spanking new Bootstrap 3:

<ul class="pagination">
    <?php echo $presenter->render(); ?>

Finally, just tell Laravel which view file to use. Open app/config/view.php and replace pagination::slider with slider (or include the directory location relative to your views folder if you put it in a subdirectory). Easy, Bootstrap 3 pagination in Laravel 4!

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