Changing the base URI with Laravel 5.4 testing

February 05, 2017

While upgrading my app from to Laravel 5.4 and replacing my "BrowserKit" style tests with the new evolution TestCase I ran into some trouble testing routes that came through on subdomains. The tests that used to pass would now 404. Previously, I used this at the top of a test case to set the base URL (my API endpoint) so that the tests would run off it.

 * The base URL to use while testing the application.
 * @var string
protected $baseUrl = 'http://api.dwightwatson.com';

However it seems Laravel 5.4 doesn't look for a baseUrl property and instead relies on the app.url configuration. Luckily, this is easy to change out on the fly in your tests, even in the setUp method.

function setUp()

    config(['app.url' => 'http://api.studentvip.com.au']);

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