Flux with CoffeeScript

August 02, 2016

Since I've been using React with Rails we've adopted the Flux pattern from Facebook which has a unidirectional data flow from stores down through your components. However where I work we also use CoffeeScript, and while there are a heap of resources for just getting started with Flux, they're seemingly always in ES5/ES6. So after some playing around and tweaking, here's my basic approach to Flux with CoffeeScript.

class MemberStore extends EventEmitter
  constructor: ->
    @data = {}

    @dispatchToken = AppDispatcher.register (payload) =>
      switch payload.actionType
        when Constants.Member.UPDATE
          @data = payload.data
          @emit Constants.Member.CHANGE_EVENT, @data

  data: =>

window.Member = new MemberStore()

There's a couple of things to notice here; first we're simply extending Facebook's default EventEmitter object for our store, second we're registering with our AppDispatcher and third we're using constants for event actions and change events. Here's how you might go about implementing those.

window.AppDispatcher = new Flux.Dispatcher()

window.Constants =

It's worth keeping in mind firing off actions is still easy - it's just simple CoffeeScript. Using constants is still a good practice as well.

window.MemberActions =
  update: (data) ->
      actionType: Constants.Member.UPDATE
      data: data

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