Request specs for Rack::Deflate

July 14, 2017

I've been tinkering about with Rack::Deflate after reading Thoughtbot's post on the topic. Works a charm, but I noticed a lot of the example specs for Rack::Deflate are now out-of-date for RSpec 3.

As such, I've got an updated request spec that will check that the your content is encoded when the browser indicates that it will be supported. Just pop this in spec/requests/compression_spec.rb:

require "rails_helper"

RSpec.describe "Compression", type: :request do
  scenario "a visitor has a browser that supports compression" do
    get root_path, headers: { HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING: "gzip" }
    expect(response.headers).to have_key "Content-Encoding"

  scenario "a visitor's browser does not support compression" do
    get root_path
    expect(response.headers).to_not have_key "Content-Encoding"

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