Toggle Homestead and production bookmarklet

January 19, 2015

I often find myself switching between my Homestead and production environments - especially when Sentry shows an error popping up on production that I want to replicate locally. I got tired of editing the URL to get to the local environment (change from HTTPS to HTTP, swap .com.au for .app and add port 8000) so I developed a little JavaScript bookmarklet to toggle between the two environments. It works under the assumption your domain name is simply the .com variant of your Homestead alias, but feel free to adjust as necessary.

javascript:(function() {
    var host = window.location.hostname.substring(0, window.location.hostname.indexOf('.'));
    var newHost = window.location.port == "8000" ? host + '.com' : host + '.app:8000';
    window.location.href = 'http://' + newHost + window.location.pathname;

Tested and working on Chrome, and also available here as a Gist.

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