Using Laravel Elixir to version image assets

December 31, 2015

I've not seen this documented, but you can easily use Laravel Elixir to version not just your stylesheets and scripts but also any images you have in your application. This means you don't have to go cache-busting your images manually when you push out an updated image.

You can start by placing your images into a resources/images directory, which keeps them right alongside your other assets. Then you simply need to instruct your Gulpfile to copy the images to the public directory during compilation and then version them.

mix.copy('resources/images', 'public/images')

You don't need to copy your images from resources if you don't want to - it's fine to leave them in the public directory and just version them from there, but I prefer to have my image location consistent with the other assets.

If you now look at your public/build/rev-manifest.json file you'll see that all your image assets have been versioned as well. This means you can now use the elixir() function to link to cached images. For example, an image that would have been at public/logo.png you can use as follows.

<img src="{{ elixir('public/logo.png') }}" title="Logo">

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