Getting the controller and action in Laravel 4

August 17, 2013

In my old CodeIgniter days, it was really easy to get the current controller and action for a request. Of course, it was a little bit easier becauce in CodeIgniter every request is routed to a controller action. Here is an excerpt from Studious when it was running on CodeIgniter:

	<body class="<?= $this->router->fetch_class() ?>-<?= $this->router->fetch_method() ?>">

This simply put a class like post-show on the body tag, which could be used for custom styling or script hooks.

In Laravel 4, I haven't quite found a solution that totally satisfies me, but I'll share what I'm using at the moment. It makes use of Route::currentRouteAction() and Str::parseCallback() which you should look into if you want to write up your own solution.

class Helpers
	public static function routeClass()
		$routeArray = Str::parseCallback(Route::currentRouteAction(), null);

		if (last($routeArray) != null) {
			// Remove 'controller' from the controller name.
			$controller = str_replace('Controller', '', class_basename(head($routeArray)));

			// Take out the method from the action.
			$action = str_replace(array('get', 'post', 'patch', 'put', 'delete'), '', last($routeArray));

			return Str::slug($controller . '-' . $action);

		return 'closure';

I've put this up as a function on Gist, note that I've used the PHP 5.4 syntax there. You might prefer to extend the existion Route class to add the function, or use a separate Helper class as I've opted to above.

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