New collection methods in Laravel 4.1

December 06, 2013

I'm just a little excited as some of my pull requests to Laravel has been accepted into the upcoming Laravel 4.1! I'm going to have to make some pull requests to the docs now so that others who don't trawl through the API or the code itself also know about these additions. On both Illuminate\Support\Collection and Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection there are now a series of methods for diffing, merging and intersecting collections (as I've written about on here before) as well as a method for retrieving the unique items from a collection.

$c1 = new Collection([ // some data ]);
$c2 = new Collection([ // some other data ]);

// Diff both collections

// Merge both collections

// Intersect both collections

// Get unique items from collection

The methods on the base Support collection use internal PHP array functions which use the keys/values of the arrays to make changes, while the methods on the Eloquent collection use the primary keys of the models to achieve the same effect. Can't wait to bring all my projects up to Laravel 4.1 so I can start using these without having to use my custom extensions!

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