Partial conventions in Laravel

September 02, 2014

I've been doing a couple of Laracasts videos, specifically the recent series on building Larabook, and noticed something he was doing that I'm sure will influence a lot of new Laravel developers. I thought I'd propose an alternative, one that I use in my personal and professional life when working with Laravel.

It seems that often, partials are simply being placed in a partials folder:

// Location of the footer partial

However, I prefer to take a more Rails-like approach, whereby instead of having a directory for partials we simply prefix the view with an underscore.

// My preferred location of the footer partial

This convention carries on for any other kind of partial too. Say you use a partial for displaying a user, maybe for search results or something like that. You'd underscore and singularise the model name.

// Model view partials typically go in their directory, also prefixed

Again, these are Rails conventions (though other frameworks might use them too). I like them a lot, and think they're a lot better than having a partials directory hidden under each of your views folders. But it's a good option that I think should be more widely considered.

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